Yes, People Are Paying Upwards of $10k for Squarespace Designers

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Is a Squarespace Built Website Really Worth $10K?

What Does it Take to Sell a Squarespace Site?

  • Know how to create an attractive, functional website: One of the top things you should do to justify charging higher costs for your Squarespace websites is to ensure that you’re designing attractive and functional websites. Websites that will positively impact a business. Two of the top reasons people seek others to create their websites is because they want to ensure that their website has a specific aesthetic and specific functions. Generally speaking, creating a simple website is easy for anyone. But once they have purchased the domain name and found a home for it, there are countless templates they can install to get the website up and running almost immediately, and choosing what will work best may feel like a guessing game without knowing what features appeal to site visitors. So, when they are reaching out, it’s because they are not satisfied with their options and are willing to pay more to ensure the site has the look and functionality they crave.
  • Understanding Squarespace: Another of the top things you need to do is make sure you fully understand Squarespace features and back-end layout. Although the design process is relatively similar across the board, there are some features and functions that are specific to just the Squarespace platform. Make sure you have taken the time to fully understand the platform before marketing your services. For instance, changing fonts, color schemes, etc., is a major part of website design, but can be a complicated undertaking, especially in the event you need to change only one page of fonts, for example. Taking the time to ensure that you have mastered how to use these detailed functions on Squarespace is imperative to your professional status.
  • Market your skills: One of the most important skills to have to sell high-cost websites is the ability to market your skills. As a freelance web designer, you can charge as much as you can convince others you deserve. This is where marketing comes into play. You may want to provide use cases, metrics, etc., to show the true value of investing in a high-quality website. For instance, if you are working with a client who has a great product but simply needs a great website to drive sales, you can show them how high-quality websites boost and drive sales. Since companies can make thousands or even millions of dollars off of one product, you can easily fit into their budget without question.
  • Offer Great Customer Service: Your clients aren’t only coming to you for a great product; they also want great service. So if you are going to charge higher prices, you should also be giving them premium quality service. This means taking your time with the process and ensuring that you are catering to their every concern along the way. Send them video instructions with Loom when you send off their project, give them a checklist for regular maintenance, prepare them for running their website on their own once you’re finished.

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